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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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uncalled on a fire at an apartment complex. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you live updates coming up. >> james: attra tragic accident in the south bay as a young child the struck and killed by nancy while walking near an elementary school. we'll have those details coming up >>darya: and we have an
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early morning snack for caltran riders, let's start in the traffic center georges tracking the lace. dela. >>george: the best we can hope for is that they may manage to single tracking past the scene of the incident so that at least some of the caltran trains will make it in two san francisco. but right now, there is no service between south san francisco and san francisco this morning because of this fatal accident that occurred at 520 this morning. erica? >>erica: would have some high clouds out there and a westerly breeze. that is pretty cool air into the in one spot. as we head into tomorrow, we do have a chance for showers. for
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those of you don't see any rain, you will be needed with mostly cloudy skies. warmer weather into the weekend. let's take a closer look at current temperatures. plenty of mid- 40s out the door. temperatures will now receive it is as we head into the afternoon. we'll talk about those numbers and i will show you futurecast for tracking that rain in just a few minutes. mark? >>mark: breaking news right now out of redwood city. it started as two alarm fire broke out an apartment complex on 6440 oxide avenue, it started around 515. a third alarm has just been pulled. the fire is near fair oaks elementary school. we have a group headed to the scene and bring you live report as soon as we can. the area? >>darya: kron4's will tran
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is alive at the scene taking a look at a fatal accident. >>will: this is a roadside memorial. even see the candles and teddy bears. investigators are still try to discover whether it happened at the crosswalk. that is because the crosswalk is right there, about 20 yds away and we don't see in any markers at that particular location. here is a video from yesterday afternoon. this all happened around 330. the three victims were walking from an elementary school on this road here. walk into their home and we believe they'd live on bloomfield drive when all of a sudden, there was an accident involving that as to the driver. the driver
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immediately pulled over and is cooperating with the police department this morning. when officers came out of here, they did a field sobriety test and they have ruled out with drugs or alcohol played a role in it. so that is not a factor anymore. one thing they are looking at, it is whether or not this person was speeding at the time. you could see the evidence at this time at this particular location. that's where box is where the sec ultimately stopped. even some of the work markers on the side. the driver tried to assist the victims. the and was taken to the hospital with not life-threatening injuries. the sister went home an hour later and she complained to her family who took her to the hospital. that to year- old child is there this morning with a concussion. she should recover from her injuries as well. i can tell you counselors will be at
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the elementary school just to talk to the class might as well as the teachers. back to doria >>darya: you said people in the area say there's a lot of speeders their right? the >>vick >>will: yes b, reaction from a lot of the people in the area. they have complained for three years with how people speak along this road that is only 25 mi. per hour. according to the public information officer with san jose p d, he says it can be even slower depending on the conditions. definitely when children are walking out in about. having s
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>> my daughters for cannot right now. >> we are hearing the 911 call from just moments after an intruder allegedly stabbed eight year old leila fowler . he is expected to appear in court today. questions surrounding that 911 col. on it, the caller said she is the young girl's mother and then she changes. we know she was stabbed to death in the home. that call was not made from the home.
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in fact, the mother was from was at a little league game. >>darya: at 8 this morning the search will continue for a missing 9 year old autistic girl and lake county. the surveillance photos show mikaela lynch clothes and shoes running north on harbor drive and a clear lake. more than 100 people scoured the area looking for lunch yesterday. she was last seen in the backyard of her family's vacation home a clear lead. she has the mental capacity of a 1 year old child and has been without her medication since she disappeared sunday. --
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>> james: the moroccan school district has agreed to pay a $2.85 million settlement with a former student over sex abuse claims. the former students sued the district for failing to report suspected child abuse. the molestation occurred at joaquin rock and intermediate school back in 1996. the accused teacher hasn't committed suicide. but the school's principal at the time did not inform police of the allegations
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something that school officials are mandated by law to do. three other unidentified former students have also sued the district and separate lawsuits. >>darya: we are getting a closer look at the broken boats that could delay completion of the work on the new eastern span of the bay bridge. caltran spokesperson andrew gordon showed what was below the road deck of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. tough between the deck of the rich and the support tower below are what are called sheer keys. these folks like incised joint are designed to support a bridge in the event of an earthquake. the 32 boats that broker supposed to attach the share keys to the tower. six of the right now
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we have a breaking news and video just and from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news of a fire from redwood city. because the overhead of the building. uptalk, which looked out into the flames shooting from the roof there. you consider firefighters responding to. their trenches around the fire and attack it this is a lot look at this fire burning in redwood city. we'll have more on this and what structure is actually on fire just a few minutes.
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more savinavg. mor me doing. that's the pheower oerf the home depot. behr ultra wit wh advaadnced stain blocking.. only alyt the thhome depot. starting angt onlyon $31.98 a gallon. >> james: para live pictures from the three-alarm fire and redwood city. these pictures are provided to use by our partnership with abc seven news. it was just upgraded from two to three alarms. they have to bring in extra crews to do with this massive fire at this apartment building. this is across the street from fair oaks elementary school and it's a pretty small street on oak side ave with the school right across the street. you can see the roof has not caved in on the second story of this apartment building. a huge hole in the roof as fire crews are putting out fires
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on two sides. they're quite close to the other apartment buildings on each side. no word yet on any injuries. mike pelton just arriving on the scene. we're waiting on an update from him shortly. they continue to pop up. these flames coming up from
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the roof line here on the other side. appears to be too dangerous for any firefighters to get on the roof at this point. we will get more information from the scene from kron4's mike pelton and check-in with him shortly. but the fire continuing to burn here and more flights continue to pop up especially from the hole in the roof and were seen on the east claims shooting out on the side. a very stubborn fire. going from two to three alarms. george? >>george: a fatal accident occurring near south san francisco. joining us now on the kron4 is caltrans spokesperson christine. could you please
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tell us what is the impact your passengers so far this morning? >> we are having significant delays are morning commute, however we have just been able to open up the northbound track. we will begin single tracking through that area. both north and southbound will operate on the northbound truck. the live, should commuters which ordered stay on the train heading north. >> bart is honoring all caltran tickets. if people are able to make other arrangements that is probably a good idea. >>george: how long you expect this to have an impact on the commute this morning? >> it's always difficult to predict because each one of these incidents is unique and it depends on the location of the incident and the time of day. but generally speaking, it takes
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about an hour and a half to get service back to normal. >>george: significant delays probably 45 to one hour for your passengers? >> it all depends but yes it can take as long as that. > >>george: if you're driving around the bay let's take a look here at your right to the bay bridge were westbound traffic is pretty normal. there have been reports of a minor accident. it appeared to affect the metering lights but the accident is clear as is the bridge. the san mateo bridge right looks good and the westbound direction. no problems as you head over a high rise and for the golden gate bridge, 11 southbound, you're looking at an easy commute so far come from
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marin county. --101 . there's an accident that has just been reported on westbound 580. it is possible it could be in the macarthur made for traffic leaving from the seven still into the flyover. that is the first report. we will get a precise location and at the intermission and our next report. but other to thether center with erica. >>erica: you can see pretty windy. 23 mi. per hour sustained winds and fairfield. i'm sure you heard the wind howling over night. very windy conditions for summer east bay hills. but like temperatures are also on the cooler side this morning. 44 degrees in napa, 45 in santa rosa. we do have high clouds in the forecast, patchy low clouds along the stem until "
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coastline. cooler air being ushered in will make the way for cooler temperatures into the afternoon. so, i don't think we will see in the 80s today, but plenty of eighties in the south bay. -'70s. turn your attention to the east bay, mid-70s and fairfield, a percentage antioch, low 60s in downtown san francisco. we will see our fair share of '70s and the north bay and 65 year high in oakland. here's a look at satellite and radar. been the clear skies of the bay area right now. you see the cloud cover of a city with a system which did potentially bring us rain. we do have a wet weather on the horizon as we head into thursday. possibly dryer by friday. apricot disguise, warm weather into the weekend and check out monday. it looks like we are close to 90 for the warmest and 1 spots. james? >> james: these aerial shots
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provided are helicopter partnership with a disease avenues. you can see firefighters pouring water on to an apartment complex that erupted in flames earlier this morning. this is on oxide ave. kron4's like puppets on the scene. just arrived there. will get an update from him on the ground shortly. will your back. we will be right back. kron4's mike pelton is alive on the scene. --lives.
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welcome back. let's talk about bay area sports. warriors, sharks, giants and a's all lost. a tough loss for the golden state warriors in san antonio. the where is now down three eagles to in the western conference semifinals. todd barr had 25 points and 10 assists to give the spurs did. harrison burns scored 25 points, jarrett jack at 20 acrilan 316 for golden state. no other warriors player had more than nine points. the spurs held mark jackson's self-proclaimed " greatest shooting at backcourt " in nba history to 6 for 22 shooting. the warriors not going to win a game when stephen curry finishes with nine points, going for it was 40 shootingand4-14 shooting and kly
6:26 am
thompson is held to four while not even attempting a 3. game 6 will be back here in the bay area on thursday. warriors will need to win the next two games if they hope to continue their playoff run. in the bay area hockey, the sharks had a tough night on the ice. los angeles kings opened their second round series with a 2-0 dr. victory over the sharks at the stable center. jonathan quick made 35 saves in his sixth career playoff shutout. and what was defending stanley cup champions 11th straight victory at civil center since march. >>darya: there's some good news on this year's budget deficit. it now projected to
6:27 am
come in well below what was estimated just a few months ago. a congressional budget office study predicts a 2013 budget deficit of $642 billion, more than $200 billion below its february estimate. on the recovering economy is producing revenues, the improving deficit picture also reflects the accumulating affects of par round of spending cuts, mostly reducing day-to-day agency budgets and january's tax hike on wealthier owners. u.s. airlines collected more than 6 billion and baggage and reservation change fees from passengers last year. that's the highest amount since the fees started about five years ago. passengers should not expect a break anytime soon. those fees, along with extra charges for borden early or picking prime seats have helped return the industry to profitability.
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here we go. [ male announcer ] chevrolet. find new roads. backflipfls and cartwheels.mile? love, wa, rmth. here, retry this. mmmm, ok! ching!g! i likeli the fact that there's lotslo of different tastes going on. mmmm!! breakfaskft i'm vem ry impressed. this is ia great cereal! honey buy nches of oats. i hei ar you crunching. 7 james: mike pelton is live right now out of redwood city. updates question mark ? >> the fire broke out around 530 this morning. the neighbors in this area tell
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me they heard what sounded like gunshots. the book up, went to the window, and saw the fire at the apartment complex as just behind second avenue and fare oaks in redwood city. i want to show you a picture that one of the neighbors took. if you look at this picture, you can see a giant fireball just feet away from a lot of homes. the sheriff's department has come through here and be back with more than 10 homes. they at least told them to evacuate but some people still sam staying put. they are investigating the cause of the fire but authorities say it might have started psko. they're not any injuries. that's a good news as of now. >>mark: we would check back
6:32 am
with kron4's mike pelton and get an update. at least it looks like the flames which are visible to minutes ago are no longer visible as they're getting control of this three-alarm fire. >>george: kron4's dick ysabel is live from the scene at the train to train accident. --jackie sissel. >> jackie: not a lot of information yet from caltran. but what we do know, is about 520 this morning at the incident took place. the victim was struck and killed here. right now
6:33 am
as i said, the trend actually struck the victim, still remains here at the scene at stopped in the southbound direction. adjutancy right there. also the coroner has just arrived to begin the investigation along with san bruno police. as soon as i get more information. the good news for commuters is that they are single tracking through the area at this point. >>george: i want to mention quickly that there is an accident for the maze. we'll talk about that and a minute. here the details for the caltran incident. when this incident occurred which was at 520, the stop service in both directions between south bonds efforts of san bruno and san francisco. service has been restored go because they are now single tracking past the scene of this incident
6:34 am
between seven cisco as ever. as a cover major delays and is affecting the right in both directions. your options are if you want, if northbound you can get off that millbrae and take a bart into san francisco. that will likely city some time. you could even ride apart down to the millbrae station and then transfer to caltran. that might save you at least a portion of the ride through the area where they are single tracking. and if you have a caltran ticket, bart will honor it this morning. let's get back to our accident here and the macarthur made. this is westbound interstate 580. he can see on the map, it is already starting to have an impact on the macarthur made. the accident occurred on that flight over connector ramp. three lines that lead from the maze westbound into the toll plaza. three lanes on the ramp up, two of them are blocked with this motorcycle
6:35 am
accident. erica? >>erica: the warranty georggood morning to george. we're talking '60s and '70s enter our afternoon. as we head into tonight, we will see an increasing cloud cover and possible showers tomorrow. big changes ahead. something for everyone. i would have an update in just a minute. andrea? >>darya: kron4's will fran is live as they continue to investigate of the victims of this crosswalk accident.
6:36 am
>>will: people have stop by to make sure the candles keep burning here at the memorial. this happenedabout 30e elementary school. they're still investigating whether the three people were actually in the crosswalk at the time or cross here. you can see the markers that they put down indicated by the spray paint. they have ruled out accident or drugs just because they gave the driver a field sobriety test. it. >> i've noticed this speed of the cars and the congestion around pick-up and drop-off times of the children. >>will: did not know whether not speak later wrote. if it did play a role.
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icons/facebook. >>darya: 641.we have a chilling new research that sugges become the no. 1 cause of death among teenagers behind the wheel. researchers at the colon children's medical center in new york say--cohen says it surpasses from driving for the first time. an estimated 3000 teenagers die each year from sending and receiving text messages while driving compared to the 2800 who died from drug driving. another 300,000 teenagers were injured by tax thing compared to the 282,000 injured due to drunk drivers. researchers suggest that the problem is that teenagers tax far more often than they drink, especially
6:43 am
while driving. >> james: hear live pictures from the fire out of redwood city. kron4's mike pelton on the ground right now. but this is the apartment complex on 05 ave. we will be getting an update from him shortly. ♪ ♪
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6:47 am
let's update another problem. this is the caltran accident and a major delays here. this is the result of a sop by accident that occurred at 520, a person was struck and killed by a southbound train no. 102. their single tracking now% francisco. major delays bart this morning is honoring caltran tickets if you want to switch at millbrae over to bart and take that into san francisco instead. we mentioned the bay bridge. the accidently into the maze. none of the 580 traffic is reaching the bridge. no back up if you're coming to the east shore. you have a surprisingly easy ride. your san mateo bridge right looks good. no problems reported yet for the west now commute. the golden gate bridge is an easy trip southbound 101 as you have to marin county.
6:48 am
over to the western half. >>erica: temperatures are mainly in the '50s as you into the afternoon, i don't think we will see eighties today because of the westerly breeze. that is bringing cooler air into the in the land the spot. talkinhigh cost of the bay area now and a lot more on the way as we are tracking system that could bring some rentals as we had to tomorrow. so expect the possibility of with roadways in the south bay right in time for the peak of their morning commute. shower chance does continue into the afternoon and possibly the evening hours. we will see these are hit or miss showers. in fact, will
6:49 am
focus is will seek any rain whatsoever. for those of you had to bay to breakers, looks like we will have some fought to stop the rain. by the time he reached the baker. the extended forecast of the possibility of showers. a 20 to 30 percent chance as we head into tomorrow. weekend proves to be sunday into the afternoon. temperatures already on the rebound. looks like monday is going to be our warm one. climbing all the way into upper 80s. mark? >>mark: haunt wall street. the dow and s&p and another all-time high. here's rob black caucus that expert for a mess right now. --rob
6:50 am
black joining us right now. r >> rob: yesterdato look for a le pullback here and there. energy. >>mark: is a good thing? we care about consumer prices for month-to-month? but are rob: yes you should.
6:51 am
if our economy doesn't move, wall street lockup and job cuts are run the corporate consumer prices are not inflationary. we the lower energy bill that we're playing at the first fuel and vehicles. >>mark: the like a company like cisco? : you don't want companies to book a good on paper. microsoft looks good on paper. --look. they tell us a little bit about corporate america. very competitive. but cisco, it looks good on paper. a lot of dividend stock.
6:52 am
>>mark: andbanks orthanks rob. >> james: we will get an update from the fire and redwood city with kron4's update from the fire and redwood city with kron4's mike pelton will return. ( telephone rings )
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wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup! >> james: he's been called the cleveland hero. cleveland hero charles ramsey is being honored with a sandwich bearing his name. hodges diner and cleveland
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is now serving the rams a sandwich. the sand which is named after charles ramsey, the man who helped three young women escape from a decdecade of captivity. the rams at which incluramsey's sanh includes an 8 oz burger served with a sigh of tater tots. customers there say they are fans of both our and the man behind it. >>darya: tom hanks is the most trusted person in america. that's according to a poll published by reader's digest. tanks topped the 100 list, ahead of a host of other celebrities, politicians and philanthropist, even ahead of president obama. actress sandra bullock came in
6:57 am
second place. " good morning america " co-host robin roberts made the list at no. 12 as one of the top tv host.s. >> james: coming up on the kron4 morning news. we continue to follow the lead out of redwood city where fire crews are battling a three-alarm fire on oversiakside avenue. we will have a live report coming up. we also continue to bubble the latest out of san jose were young child was killed after being hit by a car yesterday afternoon. and the warriors will head back to oracle arraigned tomorrow for game 6. the loss in game 5 last night in san antonio. we will be talking with gary radnich coming up at 745 and gary's worin gary's world.
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>> i just boat to a fire captain and he tells me the fire is under control. they're still in the process of fully putting out all the hot spots and remaining flames. this started


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